Identity Protection Features

Peace of mind from the experts.

Just going about your daily life can put you at risk of identity fraud. ProtectMyID gives you peace of mind:

Identity fraud

Credit report monitoring

We monitor your credit report information for signs of potential fraud.

An alert by text or email

If credit is applied for in your name, we let you know.

Full details in your secure online account

Log into ProtectMyID for details of the alert and advice on what to do next.

Fraud resolution

Fraud resolution specialists

A dedicated caseworker will work with you to help you sort everything out from start to finish.

Cifas Protective Registration

We can add Cifas Protective Registration to your credit report to help prevent credit being taken in your name. Learn More.

online information

Unlimited credit report access

Access to your latest Experian credit report online as often as you want.

Identity theft and fraud information

Facts and information on identity fraud - all in one place.

Online risk assessment quiz

Take our online quiz and see the most effective things you could do to reduce your identity fraud risk.

How does it work?

It's simple - we monitor your financial records and let you know if credit is applied for in your name. You log in to check the details. If it's fraud, let us know and we'll help you resolve everything.

  1. Get an alert update

    If your credit report changes significantly, we let you know via email or text.

  2. Check it online

    Log in, check the details and let us know if you don't recognise the change.

  3. We'll do the rest

    If someone is using your identity to apply for credit, you′ll get a dedicated caseworker to help you sort everything out.

Forget identity fraud worries - protect yourself today.

How identity protection works

To help protect you from identity fraud, we continually monitor the information in your credit report and let you know if credit has been applied for in your name or a credit account created.

Read real fraud stories and see how we helped


Experian customers say...

"I am grateful to the fraud team for all that you have done to bring this sorry saga to an end for me. I just did not know what else to do or who to turn to for help."