Identity Fraud Protection

There are 5 main scams identity fraudsters use:

  • 1) Present address fraud - Abigail
  • 2) Change of address fraud - Alex
  • 3) Previous address fraud - Maria
  • 4) Tenancy fraud - Adam
  • 5) Stolen documents fraud - William

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Story 1: Present address fraud

Abigail, 25, London NW3

What happened

Abigail had no reason to suspect she was a fraud victim, until she joined Experian and got an alert. It showed a credit card, registered at her current address, with debts of £664.

The fraud

A fraudster had used Abigail's current details – so the card was sent to her real address. These frauds are mostly committed by someone who also lives at the address, often a neighbour with easy access to the victim’s mail or even a relative.

How we helped

We helped Abigail confirm that the card was a present address fraud. The card was cancelled, the debt written off - and we password protected her credit report to avoid future frauds.

present address fraud

Story 2: Change of address fraud

Alex, 32, Newcastle Upon Tyne

What happened

Alex thought his finances were in a good state – until he was refused for credit. His Experian credit report showed he owed £000s on credit cards registered to an address that wasn’t his.

The fraud

In change of address fraud, criminals contact their victim’s bank or other business and give them a new home address. In Alex’s case, the fraudsters had credit cards sent to them at the new address and amassed debts of £15,150 in his name.

How we helped

We helped confirm that Alex was a victim of change of address fraud. His credit rating was restored, so he can make credit applications knowing that the information on his credit report is correct.

change of address fraud

Story 3: Previous address fraud

Maria, 28, Liverpool

What happened

Maria started getting letters about mail order accounts. She suspected fraud and contacted Experian. Her credit report showed the accounts were registered at her previous address.

The fraud

When Maria moved, she didn’t change her address with every company that sent her mail. Criminals got hold of stray letters bearing her old address and used them to spend £321 with catalogue companies – which usually have fewer security checks than banks and building societies.

How we helped

With her Experian report and some advice, Maria could prove that the accounts were fraudulent – meaning she wasn’t held liable for the debt.

previous address fraud

Story 4: Tenancy fraud

Adam, 42, London E10

What happened

Adam rented out his property in London – and his tenants bought goods in his name. He began to suspect he was an identity fraud victim and contacted Experian.

The fraud

Adam’s tenants opened mail order accounts in his name and had the purchases sent to the rented property. This all looked above board, so the companies expected Adam to pay the bills.

How we helped

The Experian team helped Adam confirm a fraud of £124, so he wasn’t liable for the bills. He then evicted the tenants.

tenancy fraud

Story 5: Stolen document fraud

William, 51, Harrow

What happened

William’s wallet was stolen. He cancelled his cards quickly to prevent credit card fraud - but started to receive letters from banks and credit card about debts he didn’t recognise.

The fraud

The thieves used identity documents from William’s wallet to get credit in his name. They bought mobile phone contracts and mail order purchases – leaving him stuck with the £480 bill.

How we helped

When William contacted Experian we helped him prove that it was down to fraudsters – and we added Cifas Protective Registration to his credit report to help prevent any future fraudulent applications made in his name.

stolen document fraud

3 ways to prevent identity theft

Don't take risks - take these simple steps to help keep your identity secure.

  1. Shred personal documents
  2. Change passwords regularly
  3. Monitor your credit report

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Experian customers say...

"I am grateful to the fraud team for all that you have done to bring this sorry saga to an end for me. I just did not know what else to do or who to turn to for help."